Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cherished Trinkets

Firstly WOW it's been way too long since my last post, I hope everyone's well :)

Todays post is on a site called Cherished Trinkets i was kindly sent a two lovely handmade items, right now for some pictures..

In love? YES.

How beautiful is this Alice in Wonderland charm bracelet, It's just so detailed, its lovely. Every single time i look at it, its like i find another beautiful little charm everything from a little "Drink Me" bottle and Red Roses to a Little Spoon and Pearls. This would be great for a treat for yourself of even as a gift to a friend or loved one, I really is a beautiful handmade piece! (I can't stop starring at it) Every single time i wear it i get compliments and people saying "Wow that's so different" " I love your bracelet" I couldn't love this any more than i do, the colours, just everything is perfect! Check them out girlies remember everythings handmade :)

Now the second piece... How creative is this girl? I mean seriously it's such an adorable little piece, on the necklace is a small postcard with "I love you" written on it, next to the postcard is a small Pearl and a Flower, it really is a vintage inspired necklace, I wear it all the time, I cannot say how much i love Cherished Trinkets head over to the website and have a browse at all the information and beautiful jewellery, I think there's something on there for everyone! :) xo

Haha, really had to add this in.. I put my glasses (that i hardly ever wear) on Roxy and she actually wouldn't take them off, i went to get the camera to take the picture and she still hadn't moved, It makes me laugh every time i see this now! xo