Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fifty Fit

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well, Today this blog post is going to be explaining about my new challenge i'm starting called "Fifty Fit" I really want to starting eating healthy and doing more exercise, but everytime i do i find it really hard to stick to and only end up managing up to about 2 weeks, so i thought i'd make up something called "FIFTY FIT" For 50 days its just healthy eating and exercise. Jot down what excerise you do each day and how long for, also what you eat, Morning,afternoon,evening and snacks. Then once a week doing a blog post on your weekly plan of what you've eaten each day and how much excerise, also adding at the bottom of the blog post how many hours you have exercised, This way you can keep track of how you and others are doing and cheer everyone on. Hopefully looking back on what you have been able to do will make you feel great about yourself and what you have done! :)

As its called "Fifty Fit" keeping with the "F" theme you get Five days where if you don't exercise at all or eat something really unheatly (For example going to a resturant and having a pudding) It would count as one of your Five days, it's to keep you on track with excerise but with a balance just incase its a Friends birthday or something special :) You can do this Challenge to either help lose abit of weight or just get healthy, Together we can do this girlies xo

I'd love to know what everyone thinks of the idea? ANYONE is welcome to join in the Challenge! Just leave a comment below if you would like to or just Email me and let me know :) 

So far we have Three lovely girls up for the Challenge...
and Charlotte from (This is her new blog)

Fifty Fit will start on the 10th of March and end on the 29th of April
<3 xox