Sunday, 28 November 2010

Zara Taylor!

I think im in-love with Zara Taylor jewelry! It's so different to everywhere else.

These pictures arent the best, i know! But i LOVE these necklaces,
Compass pendant and Magnifying glass i got last week! Ive been wearing the Compass one all week, Just about to walk the dog and freeze. Check out Zara Taylor everyone :) x

Rabbit & X-Factor :)

Yesturday i didnt have time to take pictures of the things i brought so ive just taken a picture of my wearing one of my new rings from Primark,

I love this Rabbit ring! Ive seen so many people wearing them, kept going into Primark trying to find them, Finally i have one! :)
Watching last nights X-factor at the moment, I adore Matt Cardle! x

Town & Meal & Gramp :)

Today has been AMAZING! really amazing, i had a lovely day out with my Gramp we went for a nice meal and a bit of shopping and also a craft fair. He brought me a beautiful handmade bracelet from the craft fair, ill take pictures tomorrow and upload them, i just really dont have time tonight.
The only other things i brought today were 2 dog toys from the craft fair, Tights and 3 new rings :) Ill take photo's of them aswell tomorrow, Im inlove with them! 2 are double fingered rings i adore those at the moment :) It was so cold today i really do need a new jacket, but i need to find the perfect one.
Hope everyone else has had a great day! :)

Just for anyone who has never seen a picture of my Black lab Tess :) This photo was taken 3 months ago when we went on holiday with the dog for the first time ever, she loved it! (I don't know if my legs did!) Haha! x

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Roxy :)

So happy i got a puppy for my birthday! Shes the cutest thing ever, and very well behaved, also gets on with Tess (the black lab) really well aswell even though they have a huge size difference haha! Roxy has a 1-2 mad fits everyday and runs about everywhere like a madman for about 5 minutes and then as good as gold :)

Anyway i better get some sleep :) Nighty night everyone x

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Meal & Children In Need..

Didn't have time to do yesturdays blog post, so i thought id do it now.. :)
Anyway i had a pretty relaxing friday did some coursework and went for a really nice meal with my Nan and Gramp, we went to the Beefeater at longwall it was LUSH. I think i ate abit to much though! haha..
When i got back i watched Children in need, all i can say is WOW that made me well up for than a few times! Amazing cause! :)

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Cant believe how many kids dont respect their parents, it seems to of got worse..
i was out today, i need a new cardie, so i popped into Newlook, there was a gobby girl and her mum, the girl obviously wanted something from Newlook and her mum said no, WOAH did she go mad at her mum, she was actuatlly shouting, saying stuff like "i hate you" "hope you die, get out of my life" in frount of everybody her mum broke down, started crying and said "i cant afford it at the moment im sorry," I was in total shock! wow how can someone do that in public, and make there mother break down, i just wanted to run over and hug her..
Im actuatlly VERY close to my parents, i didn't use to be that close, but the past few years i have noticed how important parents really are!

Anyway on a higher note, my new camera came today! Woo! :)
just need to buy a memory card for it now.

Are you close to your parents? Does anyone know where you can get cheap memory cards from? :)

Flash Back!

I stand there painfully starring at the empty road. My feet feeling numb as ice, my body frozen still. I can’t move the fear is too powerful. All I can hear are the raging screams inside my head. The shouts are getting louder and harder, It hurts I fall to the ground quickly, and look up sternly. I see a little blonde girl standing quietly before me, just starring at my pale terrified face. She just keeps starring.
Then out of no-where she said, “I want my mummy, help me find her, I want my mummy.” She repeated them harsh words with an angry tone in her voice over and over. I can’t bare it. The thumping pain in my heart, getting harder and worse. Stop it, I want it to stop. I squeeze my glaring eyes shut. “Go away” I bellowed. Why me? Why pick me?
I scramble quickly into the corner of a dirty repulsive alleyway. Keeping my eyes shut tight. I curl my body into a tight ball and start rocking backwards and forwards singing, Just singing at the top of my voice.
I found the courage to open my glaring eyes and the little blonde girl had disappeared. “Ha-ha” I laughed loudly. I’ve won! I stood up carefully still cautious with what will happen. I started walking away at a slow normal pace. My footsteps getting bigger and quicker. I then ran, I ran for my life. When I was half way out of the isolated deserted town I stopped and just stood there starring at the disused mental asylum.
I couldn’t catch my breath; I was petrified of what might happen. Was I going insane? Was i dreaming? But all I knew was the pain that I felt, it felt like having your pure pumping heart ripped open with the bare hands of dead corpse.

I haven't finshed my story yet, but this is it so far! what does everyone think? is it okay so far? any ideas to add to it? :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Scrabble Ring..

Well today has been pretty busy! Still haven't finshed my coursework (Oppz) ill have to finsh it tomorrow or something, i have so much of it left to do..
Woke up this morning and in the post my Scrabble Ring came!!

Im so happy with this! I got it from Ebay it was super cheap! If anyone wants anymore details on it please let me know :)
Had to take the dogs to the vets today, Thankfully they are both fine! So happy to hear that!
Then i thought id walk the dogs for being so well behaved, BIG mistake, The weather has been awful today and Roxy decied to not want to walk the whole way, so i had to carry her, Muddy paws! (Fab!) Haha.
Ive been wearing my ring all day, im actuatlly in love with it :) Overall pretty good day.. Not looking forward to tomorrow though, WAY to much coursework to catch up on.

Does anyone else own a scrabble ring? :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Coursework & Boots.

Well today has been pretty boring to be honest, got up at eight walked the dogs then saw how much coursework i have to do.. so i made a start on it, im on "writing my story" so once ive done ill post it on here for you guys to read and let me know what you think. I also headed to boots today and picked up a few things firstly i spotted the FCUK bronzer set, and saw it was only £12! i didn't want the Clutch bag that was with it really, but last year someone got me the FCUK bronzer and it was amazing! it lasted like forever..

I also got a few friends presents because it was 3for2 on gifts, there was actuatlly loads of great things in there at the moment, i remeber last year i looked everywhere for the good sets and couldn't really find anything. Also i picked up the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, i really recommend this product, under foundation its perfect! I tend to get the 50ml bottle, i think it was about £15 it lasts me months so its really worth it!

I actuatlly got the non-pump one, but they both work the same! :)
That's about all ive done today so far, ive got to take both dogs to the vets tomorrow, for a check up i hate how much vets cost! £25 just for a check up (less than 5minutes) its crazy so they will definatly cost me £50 tomorrow! Great! haha, just need to finsh my story writing coursework now, then ill post it up on here later hopefully! :)

Has anyone else been to Boots recently? Did you find better gifts than last year?

Monday, 15 November 2010

Welcome to my world!

Heey Everyone! Well im new to this blogging, so here goes the first post! :)
I got my puppy 1 month ago and she's Gorgeous! Her name is Roxy, Shes a Kashon (Mixbreed)
Fell in love with her the first time i saw her, She's really good actuatlly, i thought it might become a nightmare, but shes very well behaved! The only thing i miss is my lay-in's! Hahaa. But shes worth it :)
Anyway i thought it show you guy's a picture...

Roxy is now 3 months old, and super cute!
Do any of you want or have a puppy? if so what breed? and are they well behaved? :)